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Perform multiple tasks in a single pass through the vine row and do the office work at the same time? Sounds like a utopian dream – but it’s not! The Vineyard Pilot Assistant (VPA) positions the tools of the BRAUN modular system optimally and automatically to the vine, while the Row Crop Pilot (RCP) enables reliable, speedy and above all autonomous driving through the row crop.

Reduce costs

The VPA optimises mechanical weed control through the autonomous and near-error-free control of the implements and the simultaneous execution of several work steps. You lower your personnel costs, reduce your fuel consumption and can cultivate your crops ecologically – without the use of herbicides. With 27 ha or more of cultivated area, the system completely amortises the additional annual costs.

Be sustainable

Organic viticulture and orcharding focuses on a holistic view of sustainable agricultural management that takes into account both the health of the vineyards and orchards and the health of the people working in them.
The VPA supports you in the efficient and sustainable management of your plants – according to the BRAUN motto „clean around the vine, without chemicals“.

About the VPA

Smart, innovative and sustainable:
Vineyard Pilot Assistant

The Vineyard Pilot Assistant (VPA) positions the tools of the BRAUN Modular Systems
autonomously to the plant in row culture according to the parameters selected by the driver. The sensor basis is the Autonomy Kit. It consists of a laser installed at the front and a position sensor, both of which provide for a three-dimensional environmental profile. In combination with the tractor’s speed signal, the VPA always positions the implements optimally to the plant even at high speeds of up to 14 kph.

Together with the RCP (Row Crop Pilot), even the steering of the tractor is automated – for a completely autonomous passage. The result: reduced workload and consequently less stress for the driver, as well as increased accuracy and efficiency. This leaves more time and focus for other tasks related to organic farming.

Greater area coverage

Several operations with completely new implement combinations can be completed with the VPA in one pass. Plus: Increased working speed thanks to autonomous positioning of the implements – even in older vineyards and in vineyards with side slopes.

Stress reduction for the driver

Mechanical work under the vines in row crops cultures is extremely demanding in terms of the driver’s ability to concentrate and to carry a heavy workload. The autonomous control and positioning of the implements reduces the driver’s fatigue and stress considerably. This is evident in the lower average heart rate during operations with the VPA compared to conventional driving.

*confirmed by external study

Less fuel consumption

As the simultaneous execution of several work steps in one pass reduces the number of journeys through a plant, fuel consumption is reduced eventually.

Reduce soil compaction

The more passes through a row per season, the more the soil is compacted, even in deeper zones. The VPA reduces the number of passes through the system, as several work steps can be carried out simultaneously This has a positive effect on soil compaction.

*confirmed by external study

Damage prevention to the vine

Due to the autonomous steering and the intelligent control of the implements, there is less vine contact when crossing*, especially for inexperienced drivers. Thus, the VPA minimises damage to the crop.

*confirmed by external study

2 years Vineyard Cloud included

All VPA users can use the successful viticulture app „Vineyard Cloud“ for 2 years at no cost. With the help of the app, the work processes of the VPA can be planned, tracked in real time and documented. It is operated via a smartphone or directly via the monitor of the VPA. 

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